Novi prostovoljki v okviru projekta EVS "Best of both worlds"

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V našem društvu tudi letos gostimo prostovoljce EVS, tokrat sta se nam pridružili Marija iz Makedonije in Adna iz Bosne in Hercegovine. Obe bosta z nami preživeli deset mesecev.

Adna se je v tednu od 23. do 27. oktobra udeležila treninga ob prihodu v novo državo, ki ga organizira Nacionalna agencija MOVIT. Takole je strnila svoje vtise:
" Training had an aim to help volunteers to adjust to new environment, to able to keep up with challenges and conflicts in their community. Also, volunteers should have gained leadership skills and be able to explain different aspects of EVS.
This kind of training is very important for young people without voluntary experience. We were learning a lot about communication and project management. It was great to get opportunity to spend 5 days at the sea side with people from different countries.
For me the forth day was especially inspirational when we were realizing our little project which we had created on training. My group went to visit Kopar where we spent all day creating "the sea of opportunities" for youth of this city. We gave them information about EVS exchanges in their communities because we collected all the data from local youth centres previously.
I am looking forward to the next period that I will spend in Association of inclusive culture.

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