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EVS peru

When you think of EVS, you don't often think of countries outside of, well Europe, hence the name. Luckily for us at DKI, we welcomed a guest today. Where is he from you might ask? Peru! From the rural areas of the Peruvian mountains, where they keep alpakas (which are most certanly not the same as llamas) as house pets and speak kichwa langage sharing an amazing bond with each other supported by family and land.


Elwin, is a 26 year old, who finished his computer studies in Lima and moved to Spain to find something more. What he was looking for turned out not to be in Spain, so he looked further. During a rainy day in Asturias, he found an EVS in Černomej and it took him no time deciding to pack his suitcases and catch a flight to Ljubljana.

He says he loves it here, the language, the food and the people that work with him. He works at an Information Point, so every day, if not every hour, is a new experience for him. He is thrilled to have chosen to do an EVS before his masters to, in his words, "make up his mind how and where he wants to continue his jorney."

When asked how does he feel so far away from home, he replies: "Sometimes, when I am really homesick, I climb up Mirna Gora where I find the spirit of home. Then, when I get back down, I realize...Here I am home too."