druzina rok bicek kino dvor

Včeraj, 16. 1. 2018, so si člani našega Društva ogledali film Družina, avtorja Roka Bička, katerega ogled zelo priporočamo.

V nadaljevanju si lahko preberete pogled naše EVS prostovoljke Marije Sapundjie na omenjeni film in kratko vsebino filma (pozor tistim, ki si ga še nameravate ogledati!!!)


Yesterday, we from DKI went to see the new movie “The Family” by Rok Bicek.
I did not know exactly what to expect, so from the first scene to the very last second of the movie I was in a way stroked. The movie follows the life of a young man named Matej, in a rural area of Slovenia. Rok actually films his life in a span of 10 years, from his teenage years to his young adult years.
It starts with the miracle of life, Barbara, Matejs then girlfriend gives birth to their daughter Nia. Matej seems happy, but this does not last a long time, since quickly there after they split. Matej moves from Barbara’s father basement back to his parents’ house. Here we actually see his family, we see that his mother and brother have difficulties-they are mentally challenged, and his father is not far behind.
So, we see that Matej grew up in a family where he, in a way is different from the rest of his family. This is hard on him, he has interest that they do not quite get and do not support him.
After high school he has Nia, and he decides to have a vasectomy. His reasons are simple and quite childish, such as the feeling without condom is better etc.
For such a young man he experiences a lot, from being forced to live in his parents’ home, because he doesn’t really work a lot, from separating from Barbara and not being able to see Nia as often as he wants, from having a relationship with 14 years old girl whose mother is really ok with, to somehow losing his front teeth. In the same he faces his father’s death and being forced to take over the house as the only “stable„ family member.
Matej does a few bad choices, and does not really suffer any serious consequences after them. What was fascinating to see, is how much of a fighter he is and how, no matter what happens he moves on. In the end, he makes one of the toughest choices a man can ever do…he gives up on his daughter so Barbara’s husband can adopt her, thus he believes she will be happier.
This was a hard movie to see, because we do not really get to see movies as real as this one. About a family that struggles with their mental difficulties while facing financial problems, integrational issues, and through all this to try to remain “normal” in a world where everyone is everything but “normal”.
People tend to seek movies which hides the harsh reality, because maybe for just one hour they want to escape it. Matej and his family never got a chance to do the same.