EVS trening v Križevcih pri Ljutomerju

 evs mid term training krizevci ljutomer

Naša prostovoljka Adna je sodelovala na EVS treningu v Križevcih pri Ljutomerju med 12. in 15. marcem. V nadaljevanju si lahko preberete njene vtise:

A life of an EVS volunteer is very fast and dynamic which is confirmed again by mine experience in Ljutomer.
It has been five months now since I arrived in Ljubljana. My volunteer experience is filled with activities in Društvo za kulturo inkluzije, so this Mid-term training was a milstone which needs to be reflected up on.
Anyway, this training was not just a regular one where we need to learn new skills, but to recall all of the memories throughout the evaluation. That has helped us to create a better programme for the rest of our stay in Slovenia.

The stories of all 14 volunteers from across Slovenia made this gathering cheerful and exciting. It is nice to spend days with likeminded people, motivated to change their communities of origin. Some of these people joined us from Trbovlje, Škoflja Loka, Kamnik, Maribor, Litija, Črnomelje, Ljubljana and they are citizens of Italy, Russia, Bosna and Herzegovina, Romania, Spain, Serbia....
With the guidance of great trainers and coordinator, we had had beautifully moderated workshops. At the beginning of a training, we'd had an opportunity to point out topics we wanted to tackle so that was our base for agenda creating. We discussed our overall experience, expectations, motivation, youth pass. One day was intended for exploring Ljutomera and the clay designing workshop was one of the most joyful. All this have contributed Midterm training to be a good stamp within EVS journey.
And now it is time to explore the rest of the sunny days in Slovenia and fill them with high-quality adventure.